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We received the following e-mail from Alison Stewart about what happened to her dog after it ate some grapes.

We are happy to reproduce it here as a warning to everyone about how quickly dogs
can become seriously ill if they eat grapes or raisins.

Please could you put a warning on your web site of the dangers of feeding grapes and raisins to dogs.

My 4 ½ year old Labrador, Scooby managed to get hold of a bunch of grapes, and within 24 hours was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. He is still seriously ill and I would not like to see other people watching there pets get so poorly so quickly.

My vet was unaware of the fact grapes are toxic in large quantities, but fortunately for me the nurse had read something in passing, so bloods were taken very quickly.

If this could just get people talking and thinking twice of using these foods as training treats it would be a great start to preventing these deaths or at least getting them treatment early.

As yet the reasons are unknown as to what causes the problems but pesticides and sprays have been ruled out.

Many Thanks               

Alison Stewart
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Update On Scooby

Scooby was on an Intravenous Drip for 8 days, and then had a week of intensive care at home.

He seems to be recovering well.

Lets hope he makes a full recovery, and that no other dogs suffer a similar experience.