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Comments we have received about our idea for a Website / Training Day
for Deaf Agility Dogs include:

My name is Jacqui, I have just been reading about your planned agility training for deaf dogs. I have 2 collies and a terrier, 1 collie is almost certainly deaf/very hard of hearing. I haven't had him tested but he doesn't react at all to any noise unless he picks things up from the other dogs. He is very fast agility wise but so far steering etc is a definite problem. I would be very grateful for any info/tips that you may have and look forward to the launch of your forum.

“I am an owner of a deaf and a hearing dog (more to the point they own me) We go obedience training twice a week and agility 3 times a week. It would be great if their was a forum for tips and advice and general contact as well as meeting up. Eagerly awaiting. Sheena (deaf dog, Pyrenean sheepdog or Heinz 57?) + Lucy (hearing dog, Manchester terrier collie cross?) + Sharon (human).

“I think this is a fab idea... I do not own (at present!) a deaf dog, but I would be very interested in hearing about training techniques for these dogs. I am looking at rescuing a deaf dog and if this was available it would be great forum for me to meet other people with deaf dogs. I already compete with my hearing dogs, but even they turn deaf on me sometimes!  Kind regards. Sue..

“Running a Deaf Dog has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating  experiences. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” The very best of luck with yours”.  - Julia
“The Training Of Travis” (Part 1) - By Tim & Clare Griffiths
“The Story Of Kate - The Dog That Went Deaf” by Julie Robinson
We are aiming to compile a series of articles written by those who train or handle Deaf Dogs
in the world of Agility, to write articles about what they have achieved, how they did it,
and the problems they have faced.
The following are what we have received so far.
We know that many of you out there who handle Deaf Dogs
or who are trainers who have Deaf Dogs at you club,
have your stories to tell.

Why not send them to us, together with any pictures you have,
so that we can include them on here for the benefit
of everyone who is in a similar situation.

We will happily scan and return any photos you send us.
“Jasper - The Deaf PAT Dog ” by Sandra Curzon