Contact Us At: HappyDogs@RedgatesAgility.co.uk
The Philosophy at Redgates Agility Club is that “Agility should be fun” for both dogs and handlers. This is the reason behind the choice of our main e-mail address:


We welcome all Handlers who wish to enhance the bond between themselves and their dog(s). We cater for all levels of experience from the Complete Beginner up to and including Grade 7 Competition Level.

We prioritise Canine Welfare. All our training methods are based on “Praise and Reward”, and we recognise that a single training method or technique is not suitable for all. Our training methods are adapted for the particular ability, temperament and physiology of the Handler / Dog combination. Our aim is to give handlers “Tools for their Toolbox”, by ensuring that they understand different handling techniques, and why they work (or do not work), in particular circumstances.

Owners are encouraged to understand the connection between their training methods and the dog’s behaviour. This understanding enriches the handler / dog relationship at every level. Our training has the additional benefits of allowing handlers to learn from each other, and allowing dogs to socialise safely whilst encouraging good canine manners.

Our training takes place outside on good quality grass. Careful consideration is always given to the weather, ground conditions, and other relevant factors to ensure that dogs are always comfortable and safe. This is irrespective of whether this is whilst training at our venue, competing at shows, travelling, or whilst dogs are inside parked vehicles.

We are committed to the Kennel Club Code of Conduct, and all Club Activities are undertaken in full compliance with it. All Club Members are required to complete a Members Registration Form and to fully comply with our Club Rules.

Our Membership has grown over the years and currently stands at around 60, with many Club Members recommending us to friends and colleagues. Our Annual 2 Day Agility Show is very popular. We actively participate in numerous other Agility Events by Judging, Ring Managing, Providing Ring Parties, or by Running “Have a Go” Rings, and Demonstrations.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to know more.
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